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Christina Sawyers, Centreville, VA

I am sending you this letter to thank you for the great job your company, New Dominion Exteriors, Inc. did in installing a new roof on our house, gazebo and shed. As a homeowner, choosing the right contractor to perform such a large job on your house is something that is not taken lightly. With careful thought and consideration, we decided to go with your company. After all was said and done, we were very satisfied with the end result.

Where other companies lack, New Dominion Exteriors, Inc. provided a superior level of customer service from start to finish. We were surprised with the level of care we received and how smoothly everything went. Not to mention, the workmanship and professionalism of the crew and staff were phenomenal. We were happy to have chosen a company that is trustworthy, reliable and actually knows what they are doing. We are also relieved to have successfully completed this huge undertaking without a hitch, thanks to you. We will enjoy our new roof for many years to come and would wholeheartedly recommend New Dominion Exteriors, Inc. to family, friends, neighbors and others who are interested in receiving high quality work and service.

Thank you again for a job well done and taking such good care of us!

Su Kim, Lorton, VA

I live in a single family home and it was built back in 1996-1997. Well, over the years there has been substantial damage to the wood joints, window sills, base boards, door frames, etc. Essentially, anywhere there was wood on the exterior -- there was a significant amount of wood rot. In certain cases, you can literally see holes straight through the wood.

Basically, an overall description of the work performed in listed below:

  • Repaired wood rot, where possible.
  • Replaced wood, entirely, where needed.
  • Painted the entire exterior of house w/ same color of prior paint (also included gutters)
  • Repaired the housing that serves as a vent for the attic (don't know the official term for this)
  • There was actually a couple of shingles missing from roof (replaced as a complimentary gesture)

I'm sure I'm missing a few tasks here, but you get the gist.

Upon calling for an estimate, two gentlemen met me at my house (ON TIME) and we took a spin around the house which took a half hour or so. Once complete, I was told that someone would be in touch with me with an estimate within 3 days. Sure enough, on the 3rd day, I was contacted with an estimate (which by the way was lower than all other contractors). So after receiving answers to several of my questions, I decided to move forward with the work. They were professional, honest, thorough, and knowledgeable about everything they stated. I felt very comfortable with everyone I interacted with in every way.

Quite frankly, there are two words that sum it up, "EXCELLENT QUALITY!". I couldn't have been more pleased with not only the quality of work, but the professionalism and efficiency of the crew. First of all, the crew showed up exactly at the time they were supposed to. I even asked them to call 15min before they arrived so that I can meet them outside -- I have a little one which I did not want woken up by the door bell. As soon as they arrived, they began working tirelessly.

Once the job was done, they asked me to take a spin around to inspect the work and EVERYTHING looked great. In fact, it looked like a brand new house from the outside. Once the crew left, you didn't even know they were there -- I mean ALL trash was removed from the premises. All wood shavings, paint chips, nails, etc. were completely cleaned.

I honestly do not have ANY complaints with the work performed, the time it took to perform it, and the cost. It was an absolute delight working with this company. In fact, I've already referred them to several of my family members and one of my neighbors are actually looking to get an estimate as well.

New Dominion Exteriors -- JOB WELL DONE!!!

Michelle McGinley, Chantilly, VA

Our townhouse sustained damages to the main dwelling roof, garage roof, and our vinyl siding from a hail storm. Our neighbors had their units fixed before we did ours. They were using a national company to repair the damages. Due to unexpected circumstances we could not have our unit repaired at the same time they did. When we had the opportunity, we contacted the same company that did the repairs for our neighbors. Our insurance company met with the same specialist who handled our neighbors’ claims. After receiving an approval from our insurance we contacted the specialist to start the repair process. Several unanswered phone calls and several weeks passed. When we finally received a return phone call from the specialist who was handling our case, he told us that he is no longer working in Virginia and since then has gone back to South Carolina. Upon receiving this unexpected news, we contacted the national company’s main office to find out who would help us. They researched our case and told us that they could not find our records. They then referred us to New Dominion Exteriors, Inc. who might be able to take on our case. We contacted New Dominion Exteriors in July and dealt directly with the project manager, Charlie Fowler. Charlie met with us at our convenience and walked us through the entire process. He made us feel very comfortable and we are happy to be dealing with a local company. The work began the week after we signed the contract. The work was done in stages and correctly by a wonderful crew. We would strongly recommend New Dominion Exterior, Inc. to anyone who needs roofing or siding done. They were here when the big company left us high and dry.

As a homeowner, choosing the right contractor to perform such a large job on your house is something that is not taken lightly. With careful thought and consideration, we decided to go with your company. After all was said and done, we were very satisfied with the end result...

Christina Sawyers.

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