Roofing and Siding Services for Residential Clients


When choosing the roof that's right for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. Typically, before the roofing process begins, we inspect the decking to make sure there are no soft spots that might indicate rotten decking. We also inspect the attic for proper air ventilation; this is often overlooked by contractors but very important to maintain the life of your new shingles. We custom fabricate flashing for chimneys and brick to match your home. We also utilize self adhering underlayment on all eaves and valleys as well as other areas that are prone to ice and water intrusion. We install asphalt shingles by all major manufacturers and offer a 2 year warranty on all our roofing installations as well as numerous and lengthy manufacturer’s warranty.


Siding is fabricated from various materials, from aluminum to steel, wood to fiber cement. When choosing a product to reside your home, we generally recommend vinyl siding due to its maintenance free aspect. The vinyl siding that is manufactured today is a much better product than the years of old. Vinyl siding now is available in thicker gauges providing a durable product that will last many years. Panels manufactured these days are also colored all the way through to lessen the unappealing effects of fade. There are products that are insulated as well, helping to maintain the energy efficiency of your property. Our representative will help you pick out the proper profile and colors to customize your home to give it the best possible curb appeal. Along with siding, we also provide custom metal work like soffit, fascia, door wraps, window wraps, garage wraps, etc. Wrapping your wood trim with metal contributes to providing a maintenance free property by cutting out painting involved with wood trim work. There are many colors of metal to choose from. We also utilize a product that is PVC coated aluminum coil stock that mimics a natural wood grain. All our metal work is custom fabricated on site. We also offer seamless gutters in various colors to match the trim of your home. We carry a 2 year warranty on all our siding workmanship as well as a manufactures warranty. We offer a 2 year warranty on our gutter installations.

...I honestly do not have ANY complaints with the work performed, the time it took to perform it, and the cost. It was an absolute delight working with this company. In fact, I've already referred them to several of my family members and one of my neighbors are actually looking to get an estimate as well....

Su Kim, Lorton VA.

Charlie met with us at our convenience and walked us through the entire process. He made us feel very comfortable and we are happy to be dealing with a local company. The work began the week after we signed the contract. The work was done in stages and correctly by a wonderful crew. We would strongly recommend New Dominion Exterior, Inc. to anyone who needs roofing or siding done. They were here when the big company left us high and dry.

Michelle McGinley, Chantilly, VA

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